Welcome to The Wellbeing Toolbox.  Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.  


This site and business has been born from a lifetime of experience  working with individuals and groups.  I am passionate about my work and wanted to offer you a place where you can find a variety of tools, workshops, coaching techniques and resources to help you heal yourself, be more resilient and happy.  I am not a doctor... yet, and I’m not here to ‘fix’ you, I am here to support you being the best version of yourself, after all you are a unique soul sharing a journey with billions of other unique souls!  


My name is Johanna, my life has been filled with the most amazing teachers, mentors, information and classes.  I have always strived to have a happy fulfilling life and each day, like you; I learn something new.  I have always had a passion for learning and understanding my truth and what my life purpose is and because of this I started my business.  It is an integrated approach that will help you recognise how your life experiences have shaped you.  You are offered a variety of ‘tools’ and like-minded teachers that can help you gain awareness and control of how to live your authentic self.  


I am a lifelong learner who’s had more than her fare share of break-ups, break-downs and break-throughs.  Life has provided me with many opportunities to grow and learn and thus help thousands of others.  


I have been a Grade 1 Outstanding lecturer for a huge part of my adult life working in colleges, universities & businesses.  I work with people of all ages experiencing emotional, mental, and / or physical difficulties. In my younger days I had always prided myself on working with people and naively thinking I understood them, however it wasn’t until I found myself suddenly deaf and mute after tragically losing my beloved son that I truly knew what life meant  and what matters most.  After a long on going battle I regained my hearing and speech and continued with my life as an educator, coach and a toolbox full of new tools!   


I am a qualified educator who also works as a NLP Master Practitioner Life Coach (Nero Linguistic Programming), HeartMath Coach & MBiT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach. I am a Mental Health Practitioner, EFT practitioner and am qualified in journal therapy.   I work part of my week with Special Educational Needs children and young adults for an Independent Psychology Practice in the UK and in addition to being an assistant psychologist, I offer private coaching as well as running a variety of bespoke workshops & training on subjects such as mental health awareness, happiness, resilience, stress management, therapeutic journaling plus a plethora of subjects on wellbeing.  




My workshops are aimed to help you help yourself and to realise your potential. If you are a business, and would like mental wellbeing and resilience training for your staff, I can offer a bespoke package.   


I have won  awards, including from the BBC for my dedication & commitment to working with disability and organisations alike. 


I offer workshops, training sessions, life and work coaching, happiness, coherence and resilience techniques. I work with a very diverse group of souls & offer resources along with mindful and sustainable living tips.  I have been plant-based for 8 years, having a variety of qualifications in plant-based nutrition and have an interest in gut health, I am a huge advocate for self resilience and working with like-minded individuals who wish to consciously change their lives and take control of their own healing


I live my life according to my beliefs and practice Emotional Self Regulation, meditation, daily journalling, mindfulness, EFT and have an interest in herbal medicine and health per se.


This holistic toolbox is offered to you and hopefully you will find something that is going to help you to help yourself just as I found  practices that helped me recover and take back control of my life. I love what I do and love my life - I can help you love your life too!  


Thank you for being part of the wellbeing community and connecting with me. 

Love, Light and Laughter


Johanna x

+heart / HeartMath Certified Coach/ wellbeingtoolbox.com