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Welcome to The Wellbeing Toolbox.  


Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.  My name is Johanna and the Wellbeing Toolbox is my practice.


Life has provided me with many opportunities to grow and learn and thus help thousands of others over the past 35 years. I’ve had more than my fair share of break-ups, break-downs and break-throughs and it’s definitely been a journey at times! However, one can only make sense of life by looking at it backwards and once that is achieved; looking forward is exciting, magical and empowering. 

This site and business has been born from a lifetime of experience  working with individuals, groups, communities and business.  I am passionate about my work and wanted to offer you a place where you can find a variety of tools, workshops, coaching techniques and resources to help you heal yourself, be more resilient and more happy. 


My practice is based on the principles of ‘Positive psychology’ which focuses on the positive events and influences in one’s life.  Positive psychology spends much of its time thinking about human potential like character strengths, optimism, emotional freedom, happiness, wellbeing, gratitude, joy, compassion (as well as self-compassion and self-love), hope, self-esteem and self-confidence and overall life satisfaction. 

I’m not here to ‘fix’ you, I am here to support you being the best version of yourself and helping you tap into your full potential, flourish and live your best life.

I am a qualified educator, having studied at University in Oxford (Brooks), England. 

I also work as a NLP Master Practitioner Life Coach (Nero Linguistic Programming) and ILM Coach, HeartMath Coach & MBiT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach. I have a variety of qualifications and experience in Positive Psychology and have studied and practice many holistic modalities. I am also a  Mental Health Practitioner.  I work part of my week with Special Educational Needs young adults in the UK as I am passionate about addressing young people’s self-confidence, wellbeing and resilience, and in addition, I offer private coaching to individuals, couples and families.  

I develop, design and deliver a variety of bespoke workshops & training on subjects such as mental health awareness, happiness, resilience, stress management and therapy journaling, plus a plethora of subjects on wellbeing, holistic healing and coherence. I also teach additional workshops on the benefits of gut health as research shows that by changing the gut flora can lead to a positive effect on ones mental wellbeing. I incorporate breath-work and biofeedback into my sessions and I run groups in my community, connecting people. 

Thank you for being part of the wellbeing community and connecting with me. 

Love & Appreciation, always


Johanna x


+heart / HeartMath Certified Coach/
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