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I work with HeartMath and offer a system of simple and powerful self-regulation techniques using breath-work and coaching techniques which are easy to learn and are designed to be ‘organically in the moment’, whatever the situation, meaning that you can bring your best self to your professional, social and personal lives. 

Breath-work will help you transform your stress into resilience, to achieve higher levels of performance and to live your life with more heart, health and happiness. 


Breath-work is a therapy that uses the breath in order to clear unresolved issues, limiting beliefs, and past events that are standing in the way of a person achieving their potential.  Breath-work is client focused and a self-generated process.  I offer one on one sessions or in a group session. Each session is different as it is an organic process and my clients may experience a physical, emotional, mental, and, or spiritual experience during their session.  Anyone and everyone can benefit from breath-work. 

HeartMath is based on over 27 years of scientific research  on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and brain. There are over 300 peer-reviewed or independent studies utilising HeartMath techniques providing scientifically validated tools for managing stress and anxiety — which we need now more than ever.

Life has become more stressful, challenging, complex and confusing over recent years, it doesn't need to be this way!  I work with both individuals and organisations on transforming stress, anxiety,  organisational & self development - anything and everything to help you live a more resilient and happy life!


Whether you want to make changes in your personal life or to transform your organisation, success can be easy when you add heart to your life.

Unlock the 'Power of your Heart' and create a new story for yourself and those you love, starting from today! If you don't belief me - look at this article... 'why this coaching system can help you'


Johanna's client base is very diverse, if in doubt, please feel free to email me at

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