Having trained in a plethora of disciplines over 26 years,  I coach individuals from a toolbox full of useful, practical skills that when used together bring about dramatic changes to ones life.  NLP, HeartMath and mBIT are embedded in the Integrated Techniques offered.  I have an array of qualifications and experience in psychology having skills in Inner child, adolescent and adult phases of the human experience and is a qualified CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapist) and Shadow Work Practitioner.   I also qualified as a mental health practitioner with counselling disciplines and encourages the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Therapeutic Journalling of which she is also a qualified therapist.  


Qualifications in plant based nutrition, Johanna can offer coaching and guidance on how to succeed on a plant-based lifestyle and take back the health you were destined to enjoy. 


In another part of the toolbox, Johanna will bring together mentors, teachers and other professionals to offer you a varied and widely available set of skills to add to your own toolbox for life.  

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