I have always loved NLP and have seen some amazing changes, not only in myself but in those I have coached and work with, personally I thought that nothing could compare to NLP until I trained to be an mBIT Coach.  


mBIT takes up where NLP leaves off.  It builds upon and integrates NLP techniques that a Professional Coach is trained in and starts to integrate the cognitive brain with the emotional brains of the heart and gut. mBraining is based on scientific research which consistently yields new discoveries.  


Research has now found that we have three 'brain intelligences'. It is important to know that each brain has its own function.  Each brain has a fundamental form of intelligence; each utilises different language, have different goals and operate under different criteria.  In other words, the three brains of your head, heart and gut have different ways of processing the world, communicating and operating their own concerns and areas of expertise.  


Working with the three brains rather than the one as we tend to do in NLP, we can communicate and align the intelligences of your three brains in what is called mBraining which stands for ‘multiple braining’.  


The Prime Functions of each neural network include…


  • Head Brain Prime Functions:  Cognitive Perception, Thinking and Making Meaning


  • Heart Brain Prime Functions:  Emotional Processing, Values and Relational Affect


  • Gut Brain Prime Functions:  Core Identity, Self-Preservation and Mobilisation


mBIT is a multi-dimensional coaching system and differs from conventional coaching as the coach will help the client to emerge new possibilities for authentic ‘self-ing’.  The coach can also align and integrate the client’s multiple brains and harness synergistic intelligence, facilitate the emergence of innate wisdom from generative consciousness and help to liberate the human spirit from ego-based conditioning to bring greater wisdom in personal and societal decision-making and action taking.  


As neuroscience develops and evolves it is believed that more brains or intelligence centres may be discovered in the future, therefore the future of mBraining will evolve accordingly.