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Bacteria and Gut health


I’ve been plant based for nearly eight years and to begin with I was extremely healthy however I went through menopause; it was fairly easy compared to many of my friends who were on medication and suffering terribly from the hormonal changes in their bodies, one friend was sectioned under the Mental Health Act and several others were on long-term sick.


Thankfully, because of a plant based diet I didn’t use any medication & to my friends I breezed through it! There was one huge problem that I did have - blisters and redness on my face and no matter what I did or what creams I used I wasn’t able to ease the soreness. It was not only embarrassing but was painful as the blisters burned. None of the plant based Dr’s I followed had mentioned gut health so when I came across an article, I was intrigued and intuitively knew that this was what I needed to work on in order to heal. I started to research gut health and bacteria and introduced homemade kefir, kombucha, krauts and kimchi to my diet and within weeks, the blisters and redness had healed. My menopausal tummy also started to disappear and I started to gain my health once more.


There are hundreds of different types of beneficial microorganisms living inside a healthy gut. Friendly bacteria are essential for a plethora of physical functions within our bodies and yet, few people know about gut health. The friendly bacteria communicate with and help the white blood cells fight disease. They control the bad bacteria in the intestines, caused by bad diet and western medication.


Gut bacteria and micro biome, also known as gut flora is very complex. There is much research into gut health which appears to be gaining momentum. I will cover gut health in more detail over the next few months but for now I leave you with this information…


It is currently believed that as much as 80% of the immune system is in the gut and a wellbalanced micro biome means that your immune system is strong and you are less likely to get ill and better able to heal illnesses you may already have been diagnosed with. Allergies, asthma, eczema and auto-immune diseases such as lupus, coeliac and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) have increased dramatically over the past few years and it is suggested that the cause of these diseases is an over -stimulated or challenged immune system. Rebalancing your micro biome may help and a way of doing this is to introduce more fermented foods in to your daily diet.

The importance of Sprouting: Biogenic Live foods


I have been sprouting on and off for several years however nowadays we eat them daily. I have my own little sprout farm in the kitchen, a biogenic; live sprouting farm! Sprouts are on the table at each meal including breakfast! Apparently I’m hardcore as I add them to my oats!

Sprouts are not only inexpensive and easy to grow but they are one of the most concentrated, natural sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino-acids (protein) known. These little sprouts are known as biogenic which means these little gems are essential for maintaining the fundamental life processes.

All raw unsprouted seeds, beans, nuts and grains are biogenic. When sprouted and eaten, they provide the body with living energy and contribute to improved well being. At the other end of the scale are the processed, de-natured, cooked foods on which modern society are so dependent and so ill.

When you eat a tiny sprout you are eating it at its peak of nutritional value. The seed will release all its stored nutrients in a burst of vitality as it attempts to become a full-size plant. Sprouts can be used in a variety of recipes and by adding a cup or two of sprouts to your daily diet will make a big difference in the way you feel and look. They take approx. 3-4 days to go from seed to edible sprout, each variety of sprout taste different and has different nutritional content. See Nutritional Sprout PDF here.

I sprout a variety of seeds, beans, nuts and grains to get

variety, nutrition, texture and taste into my diet - try and

buy organic wherever possible.

There are some amazing stories and evidence of people

who have benefited from eating sprouts, I will share some

of those stories with you over the duration of our time

together and you can decide if you want to start your own

sprout farm and benefit from these incredible life giving


Let me know what you sprout and how you’ve benefited

from this powerhouse food. Join our community on

Instagram and Facebook - let us develop billions of

sprouting farms and help combat food deprivation.

“The germinating seed represents a protein manufacturing

machine which is turning out protein…. along with the necessary

vitamins and minerals for its assimilation and utilisation.”

Dr Jeffry Bland, Biochemist.


Plant Based Protein


The one very boring question that I get asked over and over again is “….but where do you get your protein?” My normal answer is “from my food!!” Not exactly a helpful response for someone new to transitioning to a plant-based diet!

Plant proteins are the highest-quality proteins available and sprouts are particularly loaded with them. Plant proteins are easy for the body to use, are low in fat, and contain no saturated fats or cholesterol. In contrast, the proteins in animal foods are generally associated with large quantities of potentially harmful fats, and are more difficult for the body to assimilate.



Cooked protein foods, especially red meat and eggs tend to putrefy and decay, producing toxic wastes that must be removed from the body by the kidneys. Proteins from uncooked vegetables, fruits, sprouts produce few toxic substances during digestion.


In the eight years of being Plant-based, I have noticed that individuals can get really ‘punchy’ regarding the argument for protein. Obviously our bodies need protein to function and depending on where you sit as in Herbivore, Carnivore, Keto, Calorie counting or something else depends on your opinion. We are bombarded with information and this can make it confusing. I ‘follow’ doctors and scientist and take anyone else's opinion as just that, ‘an opinion’.


I have put together a PDF here for you to pin to the fridge as a way of helping you with your protein intake. Please feel free to download it and use it as a guide



Organic No-waste Soup

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Smokey Humus

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