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Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude...

About 18 years ago, I gave gifts to all those in my life of a little Gratitude book, I made a bookmark and placed it inside with guidelines suggesting the receiver write 5 things each day they were grateful for. Out of all the people I gave this gift too; most of them placed their books in a drawer and never used them however some did!

Research shows that gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel positive emotions and take more pleasure in good experiences. It can improve your mental, emotional and spiritual health. It can help one deal with adversity & be more resilient, and build better and more meaningful relationships.

I still write my gratitudes each day when journaling. I am grateful for the love I receive, the laughter, clean fresh water, my home, my job, my toothbrush etc.

When one becomes aware and thankful; vibrations are sent out into the Universe and suddenly you start attracting what you are grateful for - yes I have several toothbrushes now and a whole lot of love! 😉

We can call this ‘Law of Attraction’, we can also look upon attracting and being aware of what we are grateful for because we activate our RAS System (Reticular Activating System). The RAS system connects that subconscious part of our brain with the conscious part of our brain and helps one to start filtering out those pieces of information that can help with that intention & gratitude and then the conscious mind brings that into your subconscious mind so you start to see and hear and understand the things that will help you get to what you're intending and the things you are most grateful for.

An example of this is that I love lilies, they bring me so much joy and are one of my favourite flowers, my neighbour doesn’t know this however he started growing lilies in his garden which I now see from my window and my clients starting bringing me lilies as thank you gifts, which I am always extremely grateful for.

It’s fun being thankful - try it, I guarantee you’ll like the outcome!

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