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Due diligence in Coaching - Do your research...

I’ve noticed on Social Media lots of adverts for free coaching ‘qualifications’ or vouchers for online coaching ‘qualifications’. “Train in NLP for £7.99!!!” We can all ‘coach’ someone in something however this is not how it is when working with people going through emotional pain, and personally I think it’s negligent and misleading.

The practice of NLP and coaching in general is currently unregulated, however I recently attended a conference where this is going to change so I strongly recommend that you do your due diligence before engaging the services of any NLP or Coaching professional.

Due diligence covers Qualifications and Certifications, Affiliations and Accreditations, Regular CPD, Insurance, Supervision, GDPR, Safe-Guarding etc

As with any ‘purchase’ you want to check out that it is of a good standard so it’s important to consider if the person you are choosing is professionally trained and is registered with the appropriate bodies. A person will not get registered with an certified professional body such as The ANLP (Association of Neuro -Linguistic Programming).

I suspect many people would go for cheap and not research and ask questions to the coach they are considering however by talking to the person directly you can get an idea of what techniques they use, the cost and their general coaching style, personality; all important factors in your final decision. I offer a 10-15 minute FREE consultation so you can meet me, and I can meet you. It’s important that we ‘connect’.

It is also important to check the certification of any NLP professional or coaching professional and establish how they trained - make sure you engage the services of a professional who has, at the very least, achieved their certification through reputable, face to face training - after all, you wouldn't trust a hairdresser, mechanic or surgeon who has only learned their trade online, would you?

I invested a lot of time and money in my qualifications and have learned and align myself with the very best. I am continually practicing CPD with the organisations I am registered with. This not only keeps me ahead of the game but offers my clients the best service.

I have my qualifications on my website for you to check out along with my bio and contact details.

Do yourself a favour… “do not go with an untrained person especially if your coaching involves your emotional welfare, you could end up in a very precarious position”.

Do your research, get coached from the best you can afford and go to someone you connect with and trust. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

With love and appreciation, always

Johanna x💚

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