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Effective Coaching for Handling Lives Challenges.

Through the years of being a coach, I have heard remarkable heartfelt stories from my clients about how including their heart’s suggestions in life choices and interactions have been highly beneficial and effective for these unpredictable times.

Clients who are learning to listen more deeply to their heart’s guidance; individually and collectively reduce much stress and feel balanced and reconnected with their heart’s resilience. A sense of renewal & hope comes their way.

We all need heartfelt hope nowadays as decisions about our lives are made by one-agenda Governments and mainstream media with their propaganda campaigns to fear societies into doing what they want. It can be extremely frightening for people and that fear can result in manifesting physical illnesses and deciding that they don’t wish to be living any longer. Evidence shows that for every one person that commits suicide, 135 others are affected. Mental dis-ease has massively increased and many of those professionals that used to be on hand, now work from home and don’t have face to face contact with our most vulnerable in society.

Following an exhausting day at work, taking care of the house, family commitments, being feared into submission all night by the programming of the box in the corner of the room or slogging your guts out over final exams and an additional 5-9 job to make ends meet or job searching, the list goes on! Most of us would rather want to relax and recover and take time out.

R’n’R (Rest and Recovery) is important not only for the remainder of our day, but the next day and the one after that as well, and especially before the start of a new week, otherwise our days, weeks, months and years are one big blur and life becomes overwhelming and even more fearful with little or no meaning.

All of us have access to a variety of interventions for physical discomfort, insomnia or pain; such as massage, yoga, chiropractor, creams and medications etc. However, what about the emotional stress and imbalance that builds up some days and more than often seems overwhelming? Those days when we experience negative emotions like anger, fear, stress and anxiety; we feel exhausted and drained of vital life-giving energy and is not conducive for ‘thinking straight’ and making good, rational decisions.

The symptoms of emotional stress and imbalance may not be alarming initially: slight irritability and anxiousness over little things, uncharacteristic inattentiveness to family, friends or work and less-than-normal clarity in decision-making. Eventually, however, the effects on performance, relationships and even health become more noticeable and more frequent.

You’ll be pleased to know that there is actually an effective, on-tap strategy for addressing emotional stress and imbalance and you my friend, have come to the right place!

As a coach and using the hearts intelligence to make decisions; my life and that of my clients has changed. The stress, anxiety and fear that surrounded life has gone and when it does raise its ugly head, (which is very infrequent in my case) you have an on-demand-built-in access to an amazing intelligence. I can help you access that intelligence.

I can teach you how to maximise your potential for better outcomes, especially during times of unpredictable circumstances. As we connect more with our heart feelings, we tend to be kinder, less judgemental, more respectful and more inclusive. We forgive quicker rather than holding on to the damaging stories from yester-year. We often notice a heightened sensitivity to the uplifting benefits of warm-hearted connections with others and our deeper self. We make decisions based on rational thinking rather than following the fear-based fight or fright crowd.

Many of us have a heart’s desire to be part of something that makes a meaningful difference – something that serves those we love and the greater whole of humanity. I can help you connect with your heart’s intuitive wisdom to create a happier and more self‑secure life, one with a future to look forward too. A future of hope, love and joy.

Contact me for further details at

With much love and appreciation, always

x 💚

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