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Facts about CBD and Relieving Pain...

Pain is the most common reason people seek health care and the leading cause of disability in the world. (The Lancet - 2021). Chronic pain has been defined as pain that persists or recurs for longer than 12 weeks, and it exerts an enormous personal and economic burden, affecting more than 30% of people worldwide. Even controlling for higher rates of depression, suicide, and opioid use, chronic pain is associated with a lower life expectancy which is shocking!

Last week, I was on a Health Coach conference and one of the guest speakers, a Heart doctor from Reading in the UK spoke about how GP’s get approx 12 hours of pain management teaching whilst in practice - in my opinion that’s why they are ill-equipped to deal with their patients pain. The Lancet Commission estimated that over 25 million people who died in 2015 (accounting for 45% of all deaths) experienced serious health-related suffering and yet there is an amazing plant, one of many that can ease pain and ease suffering.

CBD is the second most abundant chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. Mother Nature didn’t give us an abundant plant to ignore, it is on this planet for a reason and that reason is the health benefits that it contains. Many people, mix up medical marijuana and CBD. While medical marijuana contains CBD, most of the CBD oils we use today come from the hemp plant, a relation of the marijuana plant.

One of the main differences between marijuana and CBD is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. THC is the primary, active ingredient in marijuana and has psychoactive properties, which produces a “high” when ingested.

CBD contains little to no traces of THC. Therefore, it does not cause any feelings of euphoria in users. However, you’ll still get many of the same benefits with CBD as you would with THC, such as pain management, improving mood, and a host of other amazing benefits.

Many of the proposed benefits of CBD are associated with its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS works to ensure the body remains in balance by producing chemicals similar to those found in the cannabis plant called endocannabinoids. Isn’t that incredible? I certainly think so!

The ECS and its receptors are found everywhere throughout our bodies, including our nervous system, immune system, bloodstream, and brain cells. It has been said that it controls our mood, what we eat, stress levels, pain, inflammation and so much more. When we consume CBD, it is thought to be absorbed by our endocannabinoids and transported to different receptors within the body to provide benefits.

Many researchers say that CBD isn’t beneficial however ask the people that take it! Big Pharma doesn’t want you taking control of your wellbeing, your ‘Not-got-time-for-you’ Dr is on commission so it’s quick and easy for them to prescribe the drugs that bring in the most revenue to their practice and often don’t give you the pain relief you crave, however give you affects that require more drugs and the spiral deepens.

CBD has so many wonderful benefits which include, however are not limited too the following ailments… Reduces inflammation, helps with arthritis, MS, cancer-related symptoms, gives relief to those who are diagnosed with anxiety and depression, supports digestion, relieves diabetes, improves blood pressure, acts as a mood enhancement, maintains heart and brain health, treats lupus, calms epilepsy and is good for the skin.

I urge you to always do your own research and take responsibility of your own health and well-being. I do sell CBD products, because I believe in them and use them myself - I don’t sell them to pay for my Christmas party!

If you wish to know more please follow the shop link…

Happy researching, good health and thank you in anticipation of your business.

With love and appreciation, always 💚

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