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Finding the Courage to Change in a Heartbeat

Many of my clients, especially those in management and corporate organisations have been ‘taught’ and have the belief that the heart is ‘soft’ and that in business, you should work from the head. In fact, and in my world, the opposite is true for we are blessed with three intelligences, that of the head, the heart and the gut.

The head is the main source of intelligence and is a source of strength and power. The heart and gut allow you to transform the emotions that trap you as your head; also known as the egoic mind, is not as useful as it pretends to be and is very clever at playing tricks. That mental voice in the head is often unkind, fearful, judgemental, self-doubting and unhelpful. Many people don’t even notice that there is a voice in the head & when they are highlighted to this fact, are genuinely shocked! The voice in our heads can appear like an strict parent or authoritative figure like an uncaring boss saying things like “try harder, work harder, work longer, do as you’re told or else…”

Going to your gut and heart for answers and direction is actually easier as it is what we are naturally designed to do. Do you remember a time when you were battling to make a decision and then you intuitively said “I’m doing this, because my heart says it the right thing to do” or “I have a gut feeling that this is the correct decision”.

It takes courage to manage your emotions from your heart and guts intelligences, because it can appear easier to follow the thinking minds reaction (not action but re-action!) Once we learn to tap into and trust our heart and gut intelligences using friendly, simple however effective techniques taught by the Wellbeing Toolbox, we become more aligned and make better decisions because we don’t have the egoic mind fighting for power and first place position!

The reason for moving out of the egoic mind and into the heart and gut is to experience who we really are. Who you really are has nothing to do with any of the ideas, feelings about yourself, or stories you tell about yourself. Your true self is the experience of yourself existing in this moment, free of such constructs, stories, and self-images. If you stop paying attention to your thoughts, this false self disappears, and all that’s left is the real you. The real you is now available to make heart felt value based decisions with courage and your gut backs your intuition up and says “I have a gut feeling I’m making the right decision.”

It takes courage to be honest and admit that you are experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, frustration and resistance. Courage is a quality of spirit, a mental or moral inner strength to venture, preserve and to stand strong, sometimes alone and withstand fearful thoughts. In today’s world, there is so much division amongst human beings and yet if one learns to make decisions based on trusting the heart and the gut, one will quickly learn that there is no division, for we are one universal consciouness.

To be courageous is to be vulnerable, in touch with what you are feeling whilst having the strength to ‘drop in to your heart’ and then into your gut, quietening the mind and listening and feeling your true self.

I can help you learn these skills and work with you to make better decisions based on your heart and guts intelligences rather than from your egoic questioning, authoritarian mind.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Much love Appreciation, always


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