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Holistic Approach # 1 to Reducing & Controlling Stress

Taking a holistic stress management approach increases self-awareness. It also gives insight into ways of developing inner peace and better physical health. Not to mention, self-awareness allows you to become aware of the real problems that are causing you distress.

Our bodies are constantly going through states of stress. As a coach I monitor my clients and myself using biofeedback tools and this gives a clear indication of what is happening in moments of stress, when the body is a state of non-coherence.

There is so much happening in our lives that it is hard to keep focussed and monitor our own wellness. I sometimes feel like i’m climbing a mountain and question if I’ll ever reach the top and then I remind myself that its about the climb, not about the destination!

Not only are we trying to juggle family life but have work to contend with and now the pressures from Governments and society to ‘follow the rules!’ It adds huge amounts of stress and anxiety on an already overwhelmed, stressed and toxic body. Being out of balance is common nowadays and without effective emotional management tools, being emotionally imbalanced can turn into a downward spiral… fast!

Using the systems I am trained in and deliver has many benefits to reducing stress and clients report increased energy and resilience, better sleep, stronger and more positive relationships, a greater control over negative and fear based emotions and improvement in both learning and work.

If you are feeling drained, fatigued, have anxiety, are irritable and experiencing muscle tension and sleeplessness try the following breathing technique developed by HeartMath…

Several times a day for five minutes follow the following technique - you will be amazed how quickly you feel better and when you get good at your new habit, you will be able to do it any time and anywhere with no one realising you are performing inner yoga for strength and resilience!

  • Focus of your heart whilst breathing in

  • Concentrate on positive feelings whilst breathing out

  • Lock in this new feeling and continue to breathe it in and out through your heart area.

  • Gradually, as you become adept at this technique, choose new feelings to help you destress.

Enjoy and message me if you need support. Always happy to support a fellow soul.

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