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Immediate Relief from Fear-based Emotions

It’s November 2021 and I am currently being told time and time again about what is happening in workplaces, communities, families and relationships and it is, if I’m honest rather concerning as individuals and families that I coach are frightened of the future and being coerced into doing things they don’t want to do and are feeling continuously threatened.

I work with patterns of behaviour, language, dis-ease and ‘old programming’ and I am seeing and hearing about the pain and fear many across the planet are experiencing at present. You’d have to have landed from outer space not to have felt the immense fear currently radiating across the globe.

Fear is rampant on the planet at present. You can see it in people’s faces, energy fields, language and often they insist they are being strong and not affected by what they see and hear on the mainstream media or the divided opinions within their own families and communities.

Fear is a lack of trust within ourselves, it is because we don’t trust life. We don’t trust that we are being taken care of on a higher level, therefore we feel the need to control everything from a physical level. A little fear keeps us safe however currently fear appears to be everywhere. What the majority of people don’t realise is that the language and thoughts we have every moment of everyday can manifest into physical dis-ease and ailments. Fear is one of the lowest vibrational emotions we can have, many people behave ‘badly’ because they are in a place of fear - its rather like the mindset of a bully; they bully because they are in a fear based place. It doesn’t make it right, it does however make it easier to understand and takes away the power the bully appears to have.

Trust is what we learn when we want to overcome our fears. This is called ‘taking a leap of faith’. Learning to trust in the Universal Intelligence takes an even bigger leap of faith for many.

Did you know that our thoughts, emotions and attitudes emit energetic fields, creating field environments that affect our perspective, relationships and others’ environments? Humans are brilliant at creating; usually unwittingly and definitely; unconsciously!

We can, however positively change our individual and social field environments with attitudes of genuine love, appreciation, care and compassion, which moves us into coherence. The heart appears to function like a radio receiver tuned into an intuitive bandwidth and just like a radio, if you are not tuned in correctly; you will emit disturbance in the field.

Coherence is a highly efficient state in which all of the body’s systems work together in harmony. Increasing personal coherence creates an alignment of mind, body, emotions and spirit through the power of the heart intelligence (our heart soul).

We can take five minutes each day to do our positive affirmations, however what about the other 23.55 minutes in the day when we are looping in our negative thought patterns? However, when our bodies are in a state of coherence, we have much more resilience and this means that we have the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of fear based emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger and day to day challenges and adversity. With the techniques I can offer you, you will learn to build your resilience capacity and therefore sustain your energy and live life in love and high vibration. This in turn allows you to function at your optimal capacity.

These techniques are simple to learn however extremely effective and will help you to ‘take back your power’ and realise when you are depleting your energy and have dropped back into fear based low vibrational behaviour and thoughts, which in my experience has a tendency to catch up with us in the form of mental and physical dis-ease.

My clients are benefiting enormously from these techniques and using bio feedback gives them a real time visual of what is happening within their bodies. I am currently working with small businesses, company directors, the mature & vulnerable population in our communities, cancer patients, those diagnosed with auto-immune diseases, parents, children of all ages and young men who have been diagnosed with Autism, ODD and ADHD. I can teach this to anyone and everyone. With a little commitment and practice and positive feelings of love and appreciation, everyone can benefit.

It takes courage to change however I can tell you that it is certainly worth the investment in you and your loved ones, after all, we all want to be the change we want to see in the world don’t we?! Let’s join together and ‘feed the positive energetic field’ to help bring about individual and social change while creating the loving environment we all desire.

For further information and coaching, please contact

With love, appreciation and high coherence x 💚

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