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What does it take to heal the body?

I wanted to share with you a snippet of an interview by Dr. Robert Morse ND. Dr. Morse is a pioneer in the field of Natural Health, sharing with you over 45 years of knowledge and experience. I love this man, he is in my opinion one of the ‘professionals’ we should all be listening to if we want to heal the body and live the life our creator gave us. I have been a fan of Dr Morse for approx 8 years and spent many an hour in this man’s presence via his honest, loving, knowledgable, sometimes funny and sometimes teary video information he shares with those that wish to heal.

Dr. Morse has always sought to speak the truth, and to bring that truth to those who are ready to hear it., unfortunately not everyone wants to hear the truth - it’s often way to scary and involves being responsible for self! Over the years Dr Morse has found a delicate balance, to bring the light and the truth while remaining out of the crossfire of those with a vested interest in keeping the public in a chronic state of disease and suffering, eg Big Pharmaceutical companies that are in business to make money, trillions of pounds on your poor health. Many of the people that sit on the corporate boards of the medical establishment also sit on the boards of the meat and dairy industries. The theory of disease is a fallacy and if you question Dr Morse, then check out Dr Bruce Lipton ‘The Wisdom of Your Cells’.

The answers to man's suffering are seen through the eyes of science; ‘cause and its effect’ , not the fabricated concept of disease. Dr Morse explains that basic chemistry and physics can be easy for each and every individual to learn and understand. Chemistry is always the study of cause and/or effect. IE an Acid or Alkaline ‘diet’.

If you want to know about this incredible man, follow his link here…

In this interview, Dr Morse is asked the question “ What does it take to heal the body?”

This is my transcript of what he is telling us…

  • Dr Morse says that ‘First thing first is a change in consciousness - a change within the individual”.

  • To Respect your body more and enter into the realm of Well-ville! (I love Well-Ville, its such a great place to reside! 😉)

  • Let go of the preconceived ideas you’ve been taught and thought you knew. Open your mind and heart that you might well have been lied to.

  • Take on and embrace new feelings of joy, excitement and happiness - fruits will do this to you! (Organic Fruits, not GM fruit grown and sprayed with toxins!)

  • Fruits are the highest consciousness of a food based origin

  • Berries are glandular - therefore they help your adrenals, thyroids and pituitary.

  • Nature is so exacting; it all fits together and knows that you are part of a Great Intelligence. In order to heal, get spiritual and get away from your thinking -head-mind. You loose your awareness when you are in ‘the mind’ (ego based thoughts).

  • Stop thinking and stop talking - enjoy the moment, be silent, listen to your heart. Let go of desires.

  • Eat raw foods, organic fresh fruits and vegetables and stop loading the body with dead meat, milk that was meant for another species and toxins from the plastics etc - eating this way is, in Dr Morse’s opinion; “crap”! (I actually couldn’t agree more!)

  • The medical community has aligned itself with the negative forces and that is sad - very sad and done in the name of profit!

There are some good things about the western medical establishment such as there are some great surgeons, some great emergency response and critical care and some who are open minded and prepared to address different things like emotions, circumstances, life style etc. In my personal experience, they are however, few and far between.

Naturopaths are great but you still get some that are not, so do your homework and research for yourself and your own health.

  • Take yourself to a cave (quiet space) with no TV, no mobile / cell phones, no wifi - nothing but you!

  • Face the reality of who you are! We have been a victim of the mind - use the mind but do not follow it!

  • Don’t let the mind dominate your consciousness.

Click here for GoodThinkingTV Interview. Thank you to 'GoodThinkingTV' for a great question.

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Dr Robert Morse MD. (Please note that my own opinions are in italics). This information is exactly that; information! Please always do your own research and speak to your own healthcare practitioners regarding alternative (true) healing methods.

With Love and Appreciation, always

x 💚

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