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Working in my outside 'office' space

Recently I met a client in my outside office space. Many coaches belief that in order to get good results, you must work inside a conventional office space or practice room. During lockdown, I have become incredibly imaginative working with clients outside and they have had some amazing results. We have walked, talked, worked through issues and completed Emotional Self Regulation Techniques. NLP works well in an outside environment; give your client space and choose a private place.. (I'm not for one moment suggesting you take your client somewhere in the middle of rush hour!)

This type of coaching has other added benefits too as the client doesn't feel like they are under pressure. We both gain in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resiliences as we share the environment and work through issues.

I'd like to share with you todays office space...

Countryside in Wiltshire. UK
How can you not gain resilience from this outside office!

Beautiful Coaching Space. Wiltshire UK
Perfect Office Space! Use your imagination and get creative as to where you work!

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